Monday, September 7, 2009

day trip::part two

So we made our way out of the woods and into a beautiful clearing. Ahhhh, the homestead...just look at that beautiful view. Johnson farm is simple and lovely.

Around the grounds we came across a super large cooking pot. Now that would make a lot of brunswick stew...mmmmmm.

We also investigated the smokehouse. It reminded me of Little House in the Big Woods. Boy, oh boy, we are spoiled these days aren't we?

An old rusty tractor/combine sat in the yard beside the log cabin-ish barn. The pictures that I got of the barn's interior didn't come out very clear but it was amazing. There was also an old plow. Again, spoiled, we are. The amount of work that went into every aspect of life is just overwhelming.

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In the front yard there were some fun things for the kids...and grown-ups to pass the time. We found a game of ring toss. The rings were made of rope and dipped in wax, I think. Fun! There was also a game of lawn darts. The darts were made of corn cobs (minus the corn) with feathers in the end. Now that was fun. The feathers were attached just perfectly so that when you threw the lawn dart it spiraled through the air. Oh and there was a hoop tied to a stick that was the target. Some skill was required to master that one...again, fun.
Then, on the side porch there was an old wash tub full of wood chunks and some sanded down smooth branches on which to balance the pieces. So simple, yet very enjoyable because none of the pieces were evenly cut so it took lots of concentration.

The girls took turns building this tower and here is the final block being placed before it came crashing down!

This last picture is one of my favorites. Attached to the corner post of the fence that surrounded the house was this great big bell. No doubt, the dinner bell.
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So there you have it. The tour around the Johnson farm homestead. Next up...the inside. Happy Wednesday. xoANG

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