Friday, September 18, 2009

now that's what i call a vacation!

We are back in good ol' Virginia. I tell you though, there is nothing like the beach. We, once again, went down to Carolina Beach, NC. We decided against a whole week this time which worked out just great. Every day was absolutely perfect. This was the first time in a long time that a vacation in September actually had nice, warm, summery weather. Not cool and fall like at all this time. I had every intention of posting each day with a little snippet of the day's events but, honestly, I was too tired. We spent hours on the beach each day, we went for hikes in the state park, we hung out on the pier, we lingered over dinners on the lanai watching the surfers trying to catch a few more waves before heading home for the night. We just really savored every moment.
Here are a few pictures of my girls enjoying the beach. The close-up pictures turned out great but they look like big kids, especially miss O. Sheesh! She'll be seven in January, but does she have to look like a 10 year old?
There were lots and lots of seagulls and pelicans around. Lots of sandpipers and other ocean birdies. They are comical little creatures that would rather run really fast instead of flying in order to escape the children that can't resist chasing them around.
This collage is just some random shots that capture the essence of our relaxation at the beach. Sea oats at sunset, warm and toasty flip flops, a super tall, beautifully symmetrical palm tree, oleanders peeking through the pool fence, and Tim's perfect sandcastle for his sweet girls.
Our shortened hike on the SugarLoaf trail in the state park was beautiful. Shortened? Oh yes. We had spent the entire morning playing on the beach in the sun, then after lunch and a short nap it was off to the park. The trail was gorgeous. The quietness, the smell of the pines, the beauty...all shortened because the girls were exhausted and not up for an almost 3 mile walk. With a fresh start it would have been a piece of cake. Maybe next year.

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Oh, then there's the Fort Fisher Aquarium. Always great! Yes, always comedian that girl of mine. The fish were amazing, the octopus awesome, the touch tank so cool, the little frog was cute and cuddly looking,and the turtle...oh the loggerhead turtle, captivating. We actually saw this little guy last September shortly after hatching and now he's a year old and clearly a beautiful creation.
When leaving the aquarium there is a great trail with flowers and local plants and animals. And tons of butterflies!
Here's some shots of serious wave enjoyment and even more serious shell collecting. The girls used their dresses to hold their shells just as I use my apron to gather tomatoes in the garden...adorable, no?
Okay, this is the last personal favorites. A sunrise shot from each morning and my girls taking in all of the beachy goodness.

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Now, does that look like a vacation or what? It was the perfect way to squeeze out the last greatness of summer before the coolness settles in for fall. On our drive back to Virginia we did see some leaves changing color. A few more weeks of summer heat would be great. I'm just sayin.' xo ANG


Anonymous said...

Oh, the beach!! I am glad you had such agreat time the pictures are wonderful. I'm glad you are enjoying each day with your girls; they do grow up fast...Love Big G

Kim Yeatts said...

I think my favorite photo is the last one on the right with the girls playing in the waves...and your cute little, sandy toes at the bottom of the photo!

Rebekah said...

Didn't realize you live in VA... I used to live in VA Beach as a kid, then stationed just outside D.C. when hubby & I were first married. Love the east coast... and you're making me swoon with all the beachy pictures!