Friday, September 11, 2009

summer stuff

While fiddling around on my blog today I came across this post that was never actually posted. Weird. Anyway, I thought it was still worth sharing for the sake of summer...because it is fleeting. So our big project was the yard. We spent the better half of summer clearing out and sprucing up the back yard so that we could make room for this playground. It is great fun. Swinging. Sliding. Climbing. Make-believing. The stuff of summer.
Then there are these gifts that I made and never shared with you. There are a lot of birthdays in July in my family so as things progressed in my year of handmade gifts I made a trio of Japanese Knot Bags and crocheted cotton washcloths. The bags, of course, are reversible. One side shows the prints...all from my stash, and the reverse is a lovely cream muslin. I do love these little bags. One day I'll make one for myself. Maybe.

One more very summery and wonderful thing. The world's best bubble! Are you kidding me? Amazing, no? While at my sister's house, the coolest aunt ever, she let my girls blow bubbles in the house! Yes, there was a glass topped coffee table, carpeting, leather furniture. No, she was totally cool with it. It made me cringe and want to hurl but she said it was okay so I just looked away. Then, when the big wands came out, they moved to the deck. It is the bubble against which all other bubble will always be compared. Seriously.
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So, how was that for summery goodness? Delightful, right? Now, just so you know, the Clothesline gang will be heading to the shore for a few days. Pray for sun and shells and sweet memories. I'll try to keep you posted while we're gone. I've got my vacation list and I'm checking it twice. Yarn-check. New magazine to read-check. Embroidery hoop and floss-check. What? I get to have fun too, right? I've got clothes, swim suits, beach towels, sunscreen, gluten free snacks, coloring books and crayons, running shoes, flip's all covered. No worries. Just ready to relax and soak up the last rays of summer because fall is elbowing her way in a little early. xo ANG


Kim Yeatts said...

I love that bubble! WHOA!
Hope the day in the park was fun for everyone. I got a late start on my run this morning and then started, Sam wanted us to be at home today.
Have a lovely time at the beach!

Rima said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Those Japanese bags are super cute! I wish I could sew...Well.