Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We've been enjoying the snow every single day. We layer up and head out for a few hours of frosty fun. It's been staying pretty darn cold so the snow isn't melting. We've shoveled our way out and the roads are clear, but our yard is still piled high of wonderful, white, wintry snow. I refilled our bird feeder so the poor little guys can have some seeds. The girls and the cat enjoy watching our feathered friends come for a treat every few minutes.
The snow is so deep that is difficult for my 4 year old to trek around the yard. She does it...slowly...with falling down many times. She reminds me of Ralphie's little brother Randy, in the movie A Christmas Story. Often times she can't get back up once she's down in the snow. However, instead of screaming and crying she usually just rolls around and gathers up snowballs. Now, my big girl, who will be seven-YES SEVEN-next week, is mastering the art of making snowballs. We just need to work on her aim. There have been too many shots to the head!

Ah, yes, our masterpiece. Pretty cute,eh? He was fun to make but it was hard work. We did it over a two day period so we could get him just right. And yes, he's holding snowballs ready to defend his creators.
Merry Christmas from my home to yours. xo ANG

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~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Happiness in the snow. That's a great looking snowman. Love the hair.