Tuesday, December 15, 2009

what i learned

I was watching tv last night after my girls went to bed and I realized that commercials are sometimes completely ridiculous! Here is what I learned:

*Companies think that gross things should be animated in order to sell their products. Mucus? Toenail fungus? Really? That's disgusting.

*The side effects of some sleep medications are so horrendous that I'd rather stay awake. And how is it possible for insomnia to be a side effect for a sleep aid? Huh?

*Okay, I know everyone loves a giant plate of spicy hot wings every once in a while. However, if they're boneless hot wings...they're just chicken nuggets. I will not be fooled.

*If there is a super special, once a year, can't miss it one day sale at your favorite store and there is a preview day on the day before the big one day sale then really it's a two day sale. Just sayin'.

I know. I know. This post is a little weird, but my brain is in overdrive right now. Trying to round out a wonderful year of handmade gifts with only 10, yes I said 10, days left until Christmas is just freaking me out. I'm trying to stay cool though. I've got time. I've got fabric. I've even got some seriously cute little helpers. Okay, the furry one is more of a hindrance when spools of thread and piles of fabric come out, so he doesn't count. But we'll have fun and we'll get it all done. And just so you know, I have found that blaring the Christmas music while crafting is really quite helpful! Happy Tuesday. xo ANG

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Anonymous said...

What precious pictures of the girls and such beautiful smiles. Love those granddaughters! The kitty looks a wee bit upset but I know the girls wanted him to be in the picture with them. They did a good job of holding him down.
Have fun making the gingerbread house girls.
Have a great day!!!!
Love, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo G.S.