Saturday, December 19, 2009

winter wonderland

Yesterday it started snowing. It.has.not.stopped. When we went to bed last night we probably only had 2 or 3 inches. The girls were excited and started planning what they would build in the snow today. When we got up this morning we already had almost 8 inches. The excitement continues! And the snow still falls. We're easily at 10 or 11 inches by now. Here's a little glimpse.
Before the snow took the spotlight we did manage to squeeze in some wonderful Christmas fun. We made a gingerbread house. Fun...and yummy. The spearmint leaves were the biggest hit!
Salt dough ornaments got our creative juices flowing. Not only did we use the traditional Christmas cookie ornaments, but we used our ocean theme cookie cutters, too. The cat seemed to like the taste. The painting and glittering and spraying with acrylic sealer have been done in stages. Soon they'll be wrapped and gifted to many friends and family members.
And a new favorite...paper snowflakes! I have found that plain old coffee filters are perfect. They're already round and because they're thinner than paper they are easier to cut. So much fun!
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Now, the only thing left is to bundle up and head out in the snow!
I hope your day, whether filled with piles of snow or rays of sunshine, is wonderful!
xo ANG

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