Sunday, January 10, 2010


It's been so cold here lately. Everywhere in the US, I guess. But man, so cold, so windy. The leftover snow on the ground is now absolutely solid ice. The oh-so-cute snowman that we built before Christmas is headless and lacking buttons--poor little guy. One nice warm day of 40 degrees would surely finish melting all the snow. Maybe sometime next week we'll have some normal winter temperatures and we'll be able to venture out...outside...fresh air...sunshine. Meanwhile, we've been spending a lot of time inside playing with all of the wonderful new dolls, games, dress-up clothes, and toys from Christmas and birthday as well as some old favorites. There's some great new books and coloring books being enjoyed as well. All of this time inside has given me time to think about what I want to accomplish in 2010. Not necessarily resolutions, but rather just little changes here and there that over time will benefit my family.
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(Things change fast here...and turning 7 was like a turbo boost into the year!)
First, a regularly scheduled time of Bible study for me other than what we cover in our school routine...I need more. Second, back to a more regular exercise schedule. Yep, it's time to get back to the ol' treadmill and exercise well as actually running outside with my running buddy. It's hard to keep it up during the winter, since I loathe being cold and this is by far the coldest it's been in years, but I think I may have figured out how to make it work. Plus with a spring 5k this year will really help me get it into gear. Also this year, continued healthy, gluten free cooking..and adding more meals and freshly baked goods to my repertoire for more variety and well-rounded pallets. I'm getting pretty good at taking a regular recipe and making it gluten free with clever ingredient substitutions but I need to branch out and learn more. Also, I've got some crafting ideas, grandiose ideas in face, that I'd like to learn, try, and possibly master over the next year. And because I love to be organized (not that I am all the time, but I'd like to be) and I love to make lists so I can see the tangible evidence that things are being crossed off and accomplished I have made some lists. Oh, yes...lists. Categorized crafting lists, of course. At first the lists seem daunting, but when you spread it out over 12 months it doesn't seem so bad. Well here, take a look.
crochet/knit: *hat *scarf * cat toy *slippers *socks *afghan *purse *sweater/cardigan *spring garland *nesting baskets *cowl
sew: *skirts *shirts *purse *reusable shopping bags *18" doll clothes *floor pillows *softies *dining chair covers
homemade/natural creations: *soap *hand lotion *lip balm *deodorant *laundry detergent *wood floor cleaner *dryer sheets *fizzy bath bombs

Crocheting I can do, but I want to learn more, challenge myself, and make useful things. Knitting is still new to me...and challenging already. I'd like to learn a few more essentials so I can continually practice and create.

Sewing things is such a nice way to be creative. I'd like to make gifts and fun things for my family and friends...and maybe a few things for myself. I've got some clothes that I'd like to deconstruct and make more stylish. Yeah, I know, I'm not oozing with style...all the more reason to deconstruct, right?

I've been doing a lot of reading about essential oils and natural products and I really want to try my hand at making some things for my family and home. With allergies and sensitive skin in the house it certainly can't hurt to eliminate some chemically filled products and replace them with things that are natural. I started with making my own deodorant and it works great. Now I want to learn more and try some other things.

As I find patterns, tutorials, and recipes for the things on my lists I'll link to them so you can try some new things, too. 2010 looks to be a great year. xo ANG

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