Wednesday, January 20, 2010

haiti and craft hope

a country in need
rising from the rubble, hope
pray for miracles

I have been struggling lately with wanting to post on my blog. With all that is happening in Haiti right now it just seems that sharing projects and stories from my daily routine is so trivial. My dear friends in Haiti are safe and well, yes even after the huge 6.1 aftershock this morning. They have been working around the clock and helping out at the Mission hospital in Fermathe since the earthquake happened, as well as, driving the treacherous roads down to Port au Prince many times to distribute what they have and to pick up more things from the airport. I do ask that you continue to pray. Not just for my friends of the Baptist Haiti Mission, but for all of the other volunteers, missionaries, doctors, and nurses that are there for the sole (soul) purpose of serving and helping the people of Haiti. In the news there are so many negative stories and I am not naive...I do know that terrible, horrific, unimagineable things have happened, but great things are happening, too: people are being rescued, food and water is being distributed, medical procedures are being performed, children are being cared for, and God continues to show His sovereignty in this island nation that needs our prayers. So please pray. And if you can give, then give. If you can help, then help. If you go to the Baptist Haiti Mission site you can donate online.

Okay, I've been meaning to post about Craft Hope for a while and it seems now is the time. It's a faith-based project that takes the love of crafting and uses it to help those less fortunate. They have had 5 very successful projects so far and are in the midst of project six. I have decided to participate in project six which is the Orphan Foundation of America's Red Scarf Project. With my limited, yet growing, crochet skills I have decided to make a scarf. Here's a peek.

After I decided to contribute to project six I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the Orphan Foundation of America is based right here in Virginia! So if you've got crochet or knitting skills feel free to join in. Craft Hope has also started an Etsy shop :: Craft Hope for Haiti :: to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. All of the items in the shop were donated by very talented crafters so every penny from every sale will be given to help Haiti.
Do what you can...pray, help, give, donate, support.

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