Wednesday, January 27, 2010


When it's cold and too windy to tolerate the bone-chilling temperatures, this is how we spend our time inside.

Drawing new, especially fancy, characters with big sparkling eyes and the rosiest of cheeks. Entertaining each other with cabbage leaf silliness while dinner is cooking. Sorting the laundry in the dining room beside the nice warm ceramic heater...hey, it's gotta get done so I might as well be warm and toasty.

When we have a gem of a day in the midst of January and the temperatures reach the low 60's we spend our time a little differently...outside.

We take walks to visit dear friends. We enjoy the bright blue sky and the neighbor's very cool tree.

The neighborhood playground gets a visit, too. A couple of scooters and a couple of friends make the warm day even better.

Inside or outside, just remember to enjoy it all. We are very blessed. And even though Haiti is fading from the news, please remember that they are still in need. If you want to help please click one of the links up there on the top left. xo ANG

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Kim Yeatts said...

Miss you, my friend!
It is fun seeing O in the boots!