Wednesday, January 13, 2010

baptist haiti mission--earthquake

(from the BHM website)

Major Earthquake Wrecks Havoc on Haiti
Tuesday, 12 January 2010 22:00
A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti today just south and west of Port-au-Prince. Aftershocks were still following at the time of writing this update. The havoc is widespread, reaching far into the mountains.

Phone and electricity outages have severely limited our communication with the missionaries on the field, but we were able to receive an email from them confirming some of the damage.

All of the BHM missionaries are safe and accounted for, but the BHM headquarters have suffered structural damage. No doubt, many of the rural schools and churches we work with will have been severely damaged or leveled by the quake.

Our Fermathe Hospital, the only hospital serving the rural communities around the BHM headquarters, is overflowing. Volunteers are arriving to help the doctors and nurses who have been overwhelmed by the massive need.

Families have lost everything -- their livestock, homes, and entire livelihoods. We need your help to respond to the tremendous need.

Please donate today to provide emergency relief for devastated families and help us jump start the rebuilding of churches and schools. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Some very dear friends of ours are missionaries in Haiti with the Baptist Haiti Mission. We also sponsor a child through the 4C program. So when we heard about the earthquake yesterday we were very concerned. We were glad to hear that all of the missionaries are safe and are working to help everyone and anyone who is in need. However, there is no way, at this point, to know the status of each sponsored child. So I ask you to please pray for the children and their families, and if you can, please donate to the emergency relief fund or sponsor a child. xo ANG

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