Tuesday, April 20, 2010

there's a hole in the bottom of the bag

Saturday morning is grocery shopping time for me. When I get home the girls like to help with unloading all of the bags...and often build a food castle in the middle of the kitchen floor. Well, this past Saturday there was a new volunteer.

Can I help today? I promise not to chew on the cat food bag this time.
I thought playing in the empty bags would be fun. They make such a fun sound when I dive into them. Maybe I should have thought this through because something just doesn't feel right.
Little help, please. This is downright humiliating.
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Oh, how fun it is to have a cat that tends to freeze in place when completely humiliated. I wonder if he'll ever volunteer again.

Also, I know, I know, I still use plastic bags. I do recycle them...and yes, I am working on some alternatives. I just need some one-on-one time with my sewing machine. Happy Tuesday. xo ANG


Adrienne said...

ha! Poor kitty ... I bet he'll be at it again soon!

Don't feel bad - I use plastic a wallyworld too. They do a terrible job of packing my bags so I only use my bags at Kroger where I can self check out.

Zoƫ said...

Poor thing. At least he did not run (that is what my cat did when she got a bag stuck on her and it took me some time to her and get it off).