Tuesday, February 15, 2011

here and there. but mostly here.

The cold weather seems to have given in for a few days and has decided to let us enjoy the sun and a little warmth. Although it's been so windy that enjoying the warmth has taken some extra effort. But I do see an end in sight. An end of the frigid winter that we have endured. And wouldn't you know it, as soon as I feel like maybe we made it through yet another season with out any illness in our house that one of my girls gets sick. It hasn't been too terribly bad aside from an extra trip to the bathroom and a tolerable fever. There has been much lying around and reading, watching movies, playing games, and sleeping. Now I wait. Wait for my other girl to get it. With honey and cinnamon in their bellies, warm peppermint tea in the cups, and a nice cloud of disinfectant spray in the air and on all surfaces we'll pray for it to stop with one. There's always hope. Now, those of you with more than 2 kids can stop laughing at me and rolling your eyes. You know who you are.
Since my last post we have had some fun. We've been geocaching again. Once we found nothing. We searched and searched, even for the tiniest of caches, but were unsuccessful. The second time we found one, a tiny magnet capsule the size of a bolt. I was glad we found it even thought it was so small. It makes me want to go back to the other spot with fresh eyes and look again. Perhaps on the next warm day...post fever, of course.
We have also enjoyed Valentine's Day. The girls gave their friends some homemade lollipops, solved clues to find their own valentines at home, and the Mr. took me out to a very nice dinner...pre-fever. So all in all, we have been enjoying some lovely family time, enjoying some sunshine, and enjoying a very relaxed schedule. Homeschoolers get sick days, too.
I hope to have pictures up to show you some pre and post fever fun, but blogger isn't cooperating today. Maybe blogger has a fever, too. Happy Wednesday to you all. Stay healthy! xoANG

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Theresa said...

Well, I was not rolling my eyes or laughing at you, but I was thinking that it was pretty unlikely that you would remain well, but you are very good at what you do, I must say. Sorry if you felt my pessimism towards you all staying well, I didn't intend ugliness and harm, I am sorry. I love you dearly, dear, truly I do. I love your blog and reading it soothes my soul always. I enjoy you and am thankful for you in so many ways. hope to chat again soon. XOXO