Thursday, February 24, 2011

you capture::things that start with "L"

Proverbs 31:13b She works with her hands in delight.
Over the past week we have been blessed with some very warm days. Days that soak us in sunlight and a warmth that awakens our anticipation for spring. It spurred me on to start digging up my tiny garden spot. Shoveling down deep in the soil and turning it over, the smell of fresh earth, the sight of hard working worms, the promise of new life as the sun continues to warm us all. My girls, even in a feverish state, loved being outside in our little garden with boots on and rakes in hand to smooth out the soil and find the worms. The worms wiggle and wonder how they reached the surface. After a few minutes they are place back on the dirt and we watch them work their way back down below. Working with my hands in delight? Oh, yes. It delights me to work, to plan, to cultivate, to sow. And while I'm doing all of that work I get to wear my beautiful, girly girl gardening gloves. They are soft from use, they are sturdy in their construction, and they are pretty. They are Liberty of London. A girl can be cute while she works with her hands in delight, right? It makes it even more fun! If only I had some cute boots to match. Happy Thursday. xoANG

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