Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a bend in the road

Well, it seems as though we've made it through. The girls have a lingering, and mildly annoying cough, but fevers are gone and appetites are back. Beds are made, hair is brushed, they are fully dressed in regular clothes...they've been in pajamas almost every day...except for the warmer days when we went outside to soak up the sun. They are working their way through the first school day in a week right now. With renewed energy everything is moving along just fine, even the bickering over who gets which colored pencils for our Bible lesson. Ahhhhh, the sounds of being well again.
Today, as I round the curve on this road of reality that I have been traveling, the temperatures have gone from a balmy 75 degrees yesterday to a bone-chilling 31 degrees today. An extra layer is needed for the toasty warm feeling that I like to maintain. I did manage to take some pictures around the yard over the past few days. Pictures that prove spring is near. In spite of this cold, rainy, windy day I know that warmer days will return...soon. And when they do return I will plant seeds and pick flowers and hang laundry on the line. Until then I will enjoy the warmth of my cozy house while pouring over seed catalogues and reading about companion planting.Oh yes, also while inside, I will be de-germing my house...changing all sheets, switching out toothbrushes, mopping floors, scrubbing bathrooms, santizing surfaces, well, you get the idea. Happy Tuesday. xoANG

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