Friday, February 18, 2011

snap out of it

Well, I am here to inform you today that the road of denial is now closed. There is a detour, however, and I believe it will lead me straight to a place I like to call reality. Yep. Just as kid number one was getting better, fever subsiding, appetite returning, energy renewed...kid number two has grabbed hold of that fever with both hands and wouldn't let it leave the house. She is tired and wimpy and coughing. I have been checking temperatures at regular intervals for days with high hopes that it really would stop with one. Ha. Being obsessive about taking temperatures does have its benefits though. I know that checking for fevers won't change a darn thing, but in my crazy mind it gives me time to mentally prepare for round two. Her fever climbed ever so slowly this morning as she curled up on the couch - not wiggling. We did go outside for a while this morning because it is amazingly 74 degrees! In February! Kid number one played in the yard while kid number two, wrapped in a blanket, sat in the sun and dozed. To feel the warmth of the sun on my face and the slightest of breezes blowing through my frizz hair while I hung the laundry on the was the most wonderful of reminders that I am not in control..that I should be anxious for nothing..that I will be given grace enough for today..that I will gain patience through waiting..that if I quiet my heart I will hear His wisdom..that I am His.
I do hope your weekend is wonderful, no matter what road you're traveling. Happy Friday. xoANG


Adrienne said...

Oh boy. We were there just last week. Hope she feels better soon and you and Tim don't get it! It's been a rough winter over here. Everytime I turned around someone was sick :-(

Speaking of Grace for the day (and always) - have you heard of this blog:

It's pretty amazing. I bought her book - WOW. I think you would like it.

Stay well friend!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about kid #2 I will be down to see you one day. Love Big G