Wednesday, November 12, 2008

my first swap, school, and a stack of books

I have always been intrigued by the idea of a swap. There are a lot of swaps in the blogging community. There are apron swaps, book swaps, craft swaps...well, you get the idea. Well, Adrienne at Some of a Kind decided to host a Thankful Things Swap. I just couldn't resist...I tried, but it didn't work. The purpose behind this swap is to gather some tangible things that I am thankful for and mail them to my swap partner, and she'll do the same thing. Exciting! I know! There is a little more time left before the deadline and my stash is nearly gathered and ready to mail...but I received the swap box from my partner already! Yippee! Oh, there were so many things crammed in the box oven mitt stuffed with recipes that I can't wait to try, a journal, some book beads, fuzzy, warm socks, a stash of fabric, beads, and ribbon, a pumice brush for beautiful feet, birthday party coasters, clever and cute recycled envelopes made from magazines, a beauty of a bird ornament, and a couple of pinwheels which the girls quickly claimed! Oh, Thank you Emily! I am enjoying ALL of thankful things! I assure you, you're swap box will be in the mail very soon!

Now for the school stuff. The girls have been doing very well with their school work. Miss O is a hard worker. She's like a sponge I tell you...always reading, remembering just about all of the details, and sharing what she has learned with anyone who will listen. Oh, I love her sweet spirit. Now, Miss E is still 3 years old but is eager to do school work, too. I've been finding great preschool things for her to working on opposites, counting, letters, using lacing cards...but there's one thing that she has been waiting for...SCISSORS! I have always been hesitant to let her have her way with scissors. She's very energetic and carefree...and I've seen bad haircuts and heard horror stories...I just wasn't ready. Well, yesterday was the day. She got to use scissors for the first time. She did a great job. She concentrated and focused and furrowed her brow with serious dedication to the task at hand.

Okay, now the stack of books. Last week at the library I actually found quite a few books for my own personal enjoyment. Don't get me wrong, I always enjoy the books that I choose for the girls, but these...oh, such good finds, such yummy recipes, such fun sewing patterns, and oh, the story of Annie Londonderry...I am really enjoying that one! Read anything good lately?


Big Gramma said...

Oh that thankful swap sounds like a fun thing.Looks like you received great things. BigG

Adrienne said...

Oh man - what goodies you got! I'm so glad you participated. I'm with you on sharp objects and children ... makes me nervous!