Sunday, November 16, 2008

thoroughly loved and threadbare

A while back as I was painfully changing the sheets on the bunk beds I took a close look at miss O's beloved blankie. I know she's almost 6 years old, but I got that blankie at the baby shower and she has always had it with her in the bassinet, pack 'n play, crib, toddler bed, bunk bed. It's been washed a gazillion times, but over the years it has become thin and threadbare. Upon my close inspection I realized that she was soon going to have just an empty frame of blanket binding and nothing else. When I realized this I explained to her that it was time. Time to put the blankie in the box with all the special baby things. The.Tears.Did.Flow. Okay, okay, think quick...there's got to be a solution that doesn't involve serious trauma and sleep deprivation.

Ooooohhhh...Joann is having a huge sale on snuggle flannel! I explain to miss O that I will take her to the fabric store and she can choose ANY flannel she wants and I will make her a new blanket (that, by my calculations, should last until 7th grade) to have in her bed. After the initial excitement of being able to choose any fabric she wants there were more tears of saddness over the old blankie.
O: Will it go in the trash?!
me: No, never. You've had that blanket since before you were even born. We'll always keep it.
O: Will it go in the baby box?
me: Yes, with all of the special baby things. It'll be safe there and we'll know exactly where it is.
O: In the attic?!
me: Yes.
O: (more crying) I'll never see it again if it's in the attic!
me: Okay, we can keep it down here, but in a clear jar or framed on the wall so you can still see it.
O: (with tears) But I neeeeed it in my bed.

Wow, I knew the blanket was important, but I didn't realize how important. After calming down we went to the fabric store. There were at least 200 choices in the flannel section. Okay, so you know miss E wants to choose some new flannel, too, right? Of course I'll make both of them a new blankie. What joy! So now they both are excited about choosing fabric and carrying the bolt. It's genetic, I think...the love of fabric. Miss O went straight for the solid colors so I could make one exactly the same as the original. Miss E went straight for something completely "her." I convinced them both to look at every choice. There were dots, stripes, butterflies, fairies, ballerinas, puppies, pirates, fish, sharks, frogs, turtles, stars, name it, they had it in the flannel section. Oh, how difficult it was for me to resist the argyle, the ricrac pattern, the peacock feathers, but alas, I was not buying flannel for me. I was there to buy blankie flannel for my girls....and that, I did. Miss O settled on a pretty pink water color-y flannel and miss E, well she settled on her original choice, because "it's the fanciest" , a light pink with kelly green shamrocks and hot pink hearts! Oh, to be three years old! They both happily carried their bolts over to the blanket binding section. My plan: buy white or light pink. Their plan: rainbow blanket binding! They get to choose.They get to choose.They get to choose.
So here are the blankets.
When I gave them thier blankets there were several reactions. Miss E's reaction was one of excitement. She immediately retrieved her old blanket and surrendered it with joy so she could love her new fancy blanket. Miss O, on the other hand, inspected her new blanket very carefully...and approved of it.

However, the handing over of the old blankie was not an occasion I care to relive. The whole sad drama played itself out all over again. The crying, the saddness, the separation anxiety. What to do?!? Time for a compromise. With the promise to leave it alone so it won't fall apart, we agreed to keep it wrapped up like this. Still within sight by the headboard but safe from harm.

Aaahhhhh....stress-free sleep will continue and the new blanket will be loved.


Adrienne said...

OH my. We have a lovey, a thumb, and a paci that are going to be tough to deal with over here ... I predict lots of tears too! What cute blankets your made ... love the ribbon tied around the old one ;-) We do have to get *creative* sometimes don't we!

Zoƫ said...

If she is not happy with that you could make a new blanket (sorry for offering an idea that makes you work more) and put the old blanket inside the new one. That way she could still have it, but it would be safe.

Anonymous said...

Oh... this post brought back soo many memories.

My son had a little pillow. It too was getting a little worn. The day of putting the pillow away was a trying one.