Tuesday, December 9, 2008

is sharing always a good thing?

As of late, my girls have thought it to be a grand idea to share clothes...nope, not with each other because that would be fine, but with their dolls. What's wrong with putting their clothes on the doll baby? you ask. Well, you see, that's not what they're doing. What they are doing is squeezing their big bodies into the clothes that the doll wears! Let me explain. You know how when your kids grow out of their baby clothes you always save a few outfits? Well, I saved the most special ones, like their first Easter dresses, fancy, handmade, smocked dresses, a precious onesie (or two). That's all good...and normal. Well, E got a big doll for Christmas a couple of years ago so I saved some of the 6month clothes for this doll..cheaper than buying doll clothes. So when E and O were playing with their dolls a little too quietly the other day this is what I found.

So you see, O is holding the doll, Rebecca, and E is wearing the dress that had been on the doll. Yep, size 6M!!! It looks like a tank top on her, but it's really a dress. And no, she didn't stop there. She also squeezed her big booty into the matching bloomers as well. Soon after this incident, when were all done laughing, O emerged from her room in anther one of Rebecca's dresses.
Yes, that's a baby dress. A sack really. It's supposed to be long-sleeved and it has a drawstring at the bottom to cinch up the dress to keep the baby all cozy and warm. But yet, here is my nearly six-year-old wearing it...and having a marvelous time!

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Adrienne said...

that is hysterical ... I think I recall pulling a few stunts like that as a kiddo!