Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I can't believe it's been almost a week since I've posted here on the Clothesline. Sorry about that, but I have a feeling that you understand. A lot has been going on here and I have lots to share so sit back with a fresh cuppa coffee, tea, or eggnog and relax.

~Our Thanksgiving was really nice. We didn't travel, we stayed in town with my husband's family. We had a nice relaxing morning watching the parade in our jammies. The girls just love the floats and bands...and well, everything. The actual family gathering was nice, too...22 family members, delicious food, Christmas music. Does it get any better than that?
~A couple of weeks ago Adrienne was kind enough to teach me the basics of crocheting. My Grandma has always crocheted. I mean, like forever, really! I can't remember a time when she didn't have a room full of yarn and pile of shiny, colorful crochet hooks. Somehow I managed to make it to the ripe old age of 35 without ever learning. How does that happen? Anyway, when Adrienne showed off her new skills I had to ask her to share the knowledge. Have I made anything yet? No. Have I been practicing? Oh yes. I have been practicing the basic stitches. Adrienne sent me this link for video tutorials to help me out so I wouldn't forget what she taught me. Well, let me tell you, those video tutorials are great. I even tried some of the fancier stitches. Oh the fun! I can't believe my Grandma never taught me how to do this. I hope she'll be pleasantly surprised when I show her that I learned. And, of course, I fully expect her to teach me some new tricks...and maybe share a little yarn..hehe!

Here's my first attempt. Small, but growing.
Here are my other practice pieces. As I worked on the big piece I tried a different stitch ever other row or so. Keeping the tension on the yarn and the tightness of the stitches is something that takes practice. Oh, then I found some patterns that I want to try but they require crocheting in the round instead of in rows so now I'm practicing that. It's a little more difficult to do but with practice it should get easier.
~Oh, I filled my car up the other day for....wait for it...wait for it.....$25!!! Sweet! I know, not really monumental, but still what a treat to not have to fork over $60.
~Remember when I told you how great our library is here? Well, in the children's area at the circulation desk there are two display cases that change every month. What is on display? you ask. Oh, well, right now one of the cases is holding two large Shirley Temple dolls that my Grandma gave to my well as 12 small Shirley Temple figurines that are part of a calendar display. O & E were excited to put the pretty dolls on display for other children to see. (I'll post a picture after our trip to the library later today)
~On the exercise front, yes, I am still running. I know, I know...crazy right? I mean, who would have thought way back in August that I, Angela, would, first of all be running at all, let alone running outside in the freezing cold weather. When I ran on Saturday night with Heather it started to sleet then rain when we were as far from the end of our run as possible. Now, I can't really complain about running in the rain since both of my 5K races were in the rain,but sleet and freezing rain is a whole other ball game. Seriously people, it's not easy staying motivated when it's so cold outside, but having friends like Kim and Heather is really the best thing ever. We keep each other accountable and motivated.
~Distance covered since I began running on August 8th ~~~~~~~ 175.81 miles!!!
Well, I think that's all the leftovers in my brain, I think I need another cuppa coffee. Won't you join me?


Kim Yeatts said...

SOOOO, you are the ONE who put the Shirley Temple dolls in the case at the library!!! WHERE IS YOUR NAME in that case???? You have to put your names on there! I asked Dianne whose it was and she didn't know. I loved those little monthly ones. Where did you find those? I was a MAJOR Shirley Temple fan as a little girl.

Adrienne said...

Look at that crochet! Girl you are cruising dright along ... good for you!!!! That is awesome. Love the 'text' msg too ... I don't get it either :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I told Mom that you were displaying Shirley and she was very pleased. I hope Grace will show them to her on the blog. BigG