Wednesday, December 3, 2008

who needs texting?

Maybe it's just because I don't have teenage children, maybe it's because I don't work in the business world, maybe it's because I just don't *get* texting. I think it's great to be able to send a text to someone who isn't able to talk on their phone at that moment, but when two people sit and text back and forth, that's just, well....wouldn't it be easier and faster to just call them and talk? My point? you ask. My point is that my 5 year old demonstrated her own version of texting. We were in the living room together when she got up and went into the kitchen to draw on the easel. Five minutes later she called me to look at the picture she had drawn.
Wouldn't it have been faster to just say, "Mom, can I have a drink?" I know, asking isn't nearly as cute as this picture :o)


Anonymous said...

Ha! That is pretty cute.

Kim Yeatts said...

I totally get your drift on the texting. It makes no sense to me either. Maybe the bug will bite me one day, but right now I don't have the capabilities or the extra cash for texting. I love the "texting" photo!
M. and I are having a fun time on our trip. It is a mother/daughter--time to talk about the birds and the bees time.

Hurrayic said...

Very cute drawing - I was thinking either a straw or a microphone, but then the liquidy stuff in the bottom of the glass tells me it's a straw. Funny, my boys do similar things - usually it's when I'm on the phone - they write out (with bad spelling of course)a request or draw a picture.

Rebekah said...

OK, that is really funny!!