Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Here are a few pictures that give you a peek into our Christmas. The girls were thrilled with each and every gift. It took all morning to open the gifts because they wanted to play with each gift as it was opened.

1. Princess polly pocket size...what was I thinking? The shoes are so tiny! 2. Miss E finally has her own "computer"...future blogger? 3. The EyeClops! too cool for words. 4. Perfection...a game that requires silence and concentration...until you run out of time and they all pop out, then there is a lot of squeals! 5. Little chef...both girls got aprons and chef hats...we'll be baking some muffins really soon. 6. A joyous reaction to her very own flashlight. Both girls got one..lots of fun! 7. The baby, not mine, is the sweet new addition to our cousin's family. My girls just swooned over her...until she cried then they started searching for a pacifier! 8. The expression that sums up how the girls felt all day long!

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Here are pictures of the other aprons I made. Now that they have been given I can show them to you. And, remember that flock of birds I made...they were given as gifts, too. They look sweet hanging on the tree. I also crocheted my first scarf...a gift for Tim. He likes it and the girls got him a hat and gloves to match...charcoal gray. The best part...when I washed and dried it, it didn't unravel!! The last two pictures are more gifts the girls are really fuzzy princess robes and Tinkertoys...fancy PINK Tinkertoys.

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I hope your holiday was filled with joy!

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Adrienne said...

LOVE IT ALL! What great pictures, beautiful aprons (oh what a little grease will do) and the scarf is such a pretty color ~ now get working that bday!!! ;)