Saturday, December 27, 2008

quick update

Okay, I know I owe you an update and some pictures from our trip to my grandparents farm and the space museum. I also know that I should be sharing pictures of the other aprons I made as gifts for Christmas. And yes, I should be sharing some cute pictures from Christmas day. However, my brain is in full-steam-ahead mode because Miss O's birthday is next Friday...January 2nd. My first baby is going to be 6 years old. SIX years old, people! How did that happen?! Where has the time gone? How did she get so big?
Feeling better. I've got things to sew, ideas to come up with, gifts to buy, an Indian Powwow cake and decorations to create, and I have got to do some serious house cleaning! I've got plenty of time.....ha!
So here is an abbreviated to be added later.
A family gathering at the farm + my own hunk of fruitcake sneaked to me by my grandma = the perfect gift (go ahead, call me crazy...but I love fruitcake)
A husband with a great idea + a fun family trip to the Air & Space Museum that we ALL enjoyed = a homeschooling mom's dream (seriously, is there anything better than having fun AND learning at the same time?)
Reading the story of Jesus' birth over breakfast + a Christmas day full of family and gifts = a blessed day and a grateful heart

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Kim Yeatts said...

I am glad to hear that you enjoyed your Christmas...we are finally finished with traveling and gifts and such. It will be nice to stay home, clean up, unpack, and sleep in my own bed!
Hope we can see you guys soon.