Sunday, November 29, 2009

art you should see

I received my copy of Craft Leftovers Monthly in the mail yesterday. It's chocked full of so much fun stuff. There are recipes for food, recipes for tea, recipes for salts and scrubs! There's a crochet project, knitting project, an embroidery pattern, and even a paper snowflake template...ya know, for inspiration so the entire house can be filled with snowflakes. I suppose it's time to break out the scissors...closely monitored scissors, of course. What? I know my girls are almost 7 and 4 1/2 but there is a lot of fabric and yarn lying around and very tempting long locks of hair. We've never had a scissor incident and I'd like to keep it that way.
Now, I won my copy of Craft Leftovers Monthly from Regina. She was hosting a giveaway over at her wonderful blog Creative Kismet. If you've never been there you should pop over there and check it out. But be prepared...there's lots of crafty inspiration over there. Regina is a wonderfully talented artist. She paints and sews and creates wonderful mixed media pieces all the time. A while back she was even on the Martha Stewart Show! Anyway, Regina has an Etsy shop called Creative Kismet Studios with lots of great stuff in it. You'll find something irresistible there, I know you will! Her prices are great and her products are wonderful. She's got lots of prints for sale, tea wallets, stationary, ornaments, and pin cushions. Regina is offering free shipping on selected items until December31st, so shop now before it's too late!
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