Friday, November 20, 2009

literal translation

This old box that we used when we moved was brought down from the attic to carry some stuff to our homeschool co-op today. It was obviously used for some type of delicious pastries at one time but the only thing that the girls read on the box were the words on the blue label. All they wanted to know was why someone would have so many cats and why would they put cat number 48 in the freezer! hehe! Now, see if you can spend the rest of your weekend with that smile on your face! Happy Friday! xo ANG
also, in other happy news...I won a copy of the Craft Leftovers Monthly from Regina's (of Creative Kismet fame) giveaway! Woot! Woot!

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Anonymous said...

I just have one question for the girls. What number is their cat? I have a friend who has 17 cats in her house and a cousin who(last count)had twenty some cats, it's probably more by now! and by the way I can think of only one reason a cat would be in the freezer. Hopefully it wasn't a yellow cat.
Love, hugs and kisses, G.S.