Saturday, November 7, 2009

they don't call it fall for nothin'

Right now my neighbor's maple tree looks like this. Gorgeous, right? The other day as the sun was setting the tree looked like it was aflame. The colors are beautiful. It's one of the prettiest trees on our street in the fall.

However, most of the leaves end up in our yard so we do a lot of raking. I don't really mind raking up the leaves, but it would be nice if the neighbor would rake the leaves in his yard, too so they don't eventually end up in mine after I've already raked about a gazillion times. I guess it's not all bad though...raking burns calories. Plus, the girls really like to help with the raking.
Because, after all, the bigger the pile, the bigger the fun! There is always some jumping in, running through, rolling on, hiding beneath, and the most wonderful of all, throwing them high in the air and watching them fall back down again every time we get a nice big pile raked into the middle of the yard. After a few million times of raking and re-raking the same leaves it's time to get out the old leaf vac though. Not to worry. This is just the beginning of fall leaf fun. The oak tree likes to hold out until mid-December before letting us rake enjoy it's leaves.
Enjoy this season for it will soon be gone.
Happy Saturday! xo ANG

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Adrienne said...

We have those same rakes! Looks like the girls had a blast ... and still will be come Dec!