Sunday, November 15, 2009

old germs, new books

Hey there! We're still alive and kickin' here at the Clothesline. Tim is on the mend and for now the girls and I are still healthy. It's amazing that the old germs from Tim didn't spread and multiply in our house. Lots of prayer and Lysol and hand sanitizer...a miracle, really. It's been a long, hard, tiring week and I wasn't even the one who was sick. Tim hasn't had as much as a cold in over a year so to be out of commission for a whole week is bizarre and stressful. Add on top of that 3-4 days of cold, cloudy, rainy flood conditions and you've got some serious cabin fever.

(flip-flop clad girls trying to feed the cat some grass through the screen, happy laundry, seriously white leg with fall leaves and blooming lavender)
Thankfully we've had our air purifier going the whole time. It helps, it really does. Also, Friday afternoon, all day yesterday, and all day today we have had some warm sunshine. Oh man, there's nothing like fresh air and warmer temperatures to make everyone feel a little better.
So, now on to some new books. New from the library, that is. Let me just say that reserving books online and being able to just walk in and pick them up without having to search the entire library for them is soooooo great! Keep in mind the "if you think I'm weird, just say so" posts when you see my selections. First up, crochet and knitting books. I'm feeling a little more confident in my crocheting now...probably because I feel so inept at knitting, but whatever. I am enjoying knitting a lot but I am still so new at it that I really don't have any skills to speak of yet. That doesn't stop me from looking at projects and patterns though. One day I'll be able to create something wearable (besides a scarf or hat) out of some scrumptious yarn.

Next up...some bee keeping books. Remember when we got to meet a beekeeper a while back? Well, we'd been interested in the idea of having our own honey for a while and talking to an actual bee keeper with tons of experience just fanned that flame. Don't get me wrong, I still don't like bees around me, but I think I'll get over it eventually. After all, I have grown. I don't scream like a girl and run anymore when they fly around me...I just move quickly and quietly. Tim will be the one in the suit smoking out the bees anyway. I'll just be a helper. One day, when we have some land, or at least don't live in the city, we'll have a hive or two. So to be prepared I thought I'd read up on all the details. I like to have a game plan so when the time is right the decision making will be easier and based on well researched knowledge. I know, weird.

Last but not least, some animal books. There is so much that I need to know before I actually own chickens or goats. So to prepare myself for that undertaking (which I know is off in the future..but still) I found these great books. Since I took this picture I have gotten a few more about raising dairy goats and one on building different types of animal housing. What? Animals need housing and if there isn't a barn or something then why not already have the knowledge to building something? Go ahead...just say it....weird.
Anyway, there are so many choices when it comes to goats and chickens. Who knew? Okay, lots of people probably, but now I know, too. Let me just say, there are some pretty chickens out there but the pretty ones aren't always the best layers...which is what we want. The girls have been enjoying looking at all the chickens and choosing their favorites. There are also some adorable ducks in there, too. Maybe if we have a pond one day. We've decided that there's really no need for an ostrich though, but the eggs are huge! Yes, we had fun with the poultry book. Goats, that's another story. There are several types that are good milkers, but a calm, friendly type would be perfect. The book about raising dairy goats is really much more helpful with that decision.
What can I say, I like to be informed and prepared. So what if it makes me a little weird. Okay, a lot weird. But when you've got days and days of rain it's nice to have books to look through and build dreams upon.
How about you? Any big dreams out there? Happy, healthy Sunday! xo ANG


Anonymous said...

I.m so glad that nobody else got the flu. The weather is great today Bees??? Really ?? Wow you know I can't get away fast enough!! Anyway don't forget that your grandmother has a great bit of knowledge bout chickens. Love BigG

Ellen said...

I'm with you with the library visit...I'm always putting things on hold via internet & then picking them up. Love it. Of course, I still manage to get a ton of overdue fines... Your bee keeping & goats sound interesting. Is this more of a hobby/interest or do you really want to try it? We now live in suburbia (yuck) & I don't think either of those things would 'fit' with our neighborhood. I so miss the country!