Tuesday, November 10, 2009

november understands

Over the past week we have gone from sweatshirts and fingerless gloves to shorts and flip flops. We have experienced cold nights in the low thirties and some warm days in the high seventies. I must say, I thought the chance of having warm days was over. I had conceded. The season had won and I was surrounding myself with nice warm knitting and crochet projects. But November understands. November understands that a few more days of the warm sun shining down on us not only helps us shake off the chill of fall and the reality that winter is coming, but it also helps us remember that we thoroughly enjoyed our summer and we should appreciate and enjoy to the fullest every warm day we are given. And believe me we did! We played outside for hours. I opened the windows and invited November in for the day. We raked leaves. We played at the playground. Scooters and sidewalk chalk were brought out and enjoyed a little longer. All the while my dear hubby has been sick. He did sit out in the sun to shake of the chills and get some fresh air. But he spent the entire weekend trying to get better. So far the girls and I have managed to stay well and if we can make it another day or two I think we'll be in the clear. So if you're thinking about it, say a little prayer for Tim to feel better soon and a little prayer for me and the girls that we can escape this one. Remember...wash your hands, don't touch your face, take your vitamins, get enough rest, cover your cough, and love the ones you're with. Today it is cooler again...and raining. I understand, November. You can't make it feel like summer for too long, it just wouldn't be right.
Sorry no pictures today. I'll make it up to you. Promise.
Happy Tuesday. xo ANG

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Adrienne said...

OH no! Well wishes, well wishes, well wishes!!!!

You are so right about NOV!