Saturday, November 21, 2009

a supreme day

Today is Tim's birthday!
A supremely special day here in the Clothesline household.
I am supremely blessed to have a wonderful, funny, supportive, intelligent, patient husband. The girls are supremely blessed to have an energetic, fun, caring, attentive daddy. Here's a little something I made for him. The lighting wasn't so great so the color is off. The scarf is charcoal gray. It is supremely warm and soft (Patons Classic Wool). I used this pattern, which is free, and I've got some matching, manly fingerless gloves on the hook right now. Hopefully they'll be done before Thanksgiving.
And because making a cute card together is so important, here is the supremely cute card that the girls and I made for him. Together we put the toppings on the pizza. Then I gave them each a white triangle of card stock for their individual messages. They asked that I write their message, then they got to draw and color. I then glued the layers together and viola! A supremely cute card for a supreme dad!
Enjoy your weekend! xo ANG


Ellen said...

Happy Birthday! What an adorable card - I'm sure your husband cherished/will cherish it.

Adrienne said...

Happy Bday! That card is very original and the scarf turned out beautiful! I konw you (and Tim) are pleased ... the fringe is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tim I think you also are supremely blessed to have such a wonderful wife and the best kids. The scarf turned out very supreme!! Love Big G

Rima said...

A great scarf. Love its texture.