Wednesday, March 3, 2010

as i drank my morning coffee

...this is what I saw.
We all watched as they gracefully leaped over the fence across the street. (thank goodness I always have a camera nearby)We all watched in amazement as they sauntered through the yard and out into the street. (checking for traffic, no doubt)

We all watched as the four does looked confused for a moment because they were in the middle of the city then made their way through our neighbors yard.
Wow! What a treat to see first thing in the morning! And seriously, in the middle of the city? No kidding. For those of you who don't know, I live two blocks from a major road. Hmmm, maybe those were the July 4th tomato thieves! Sorry, no nearly ripened veggies yet for you to trample or fill your bellies with this time. You may be beautiful, but I'm keeping my eye on you.
happy wednesday xoANG

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Deer right on your street. They are beautiful!! Love Big G