Monday, March 15, 2010

macro monday::wishful thinking edition

St. Patrick's Day is on the brain here at the Clothesline. There's excitement brewing because we have an upcoming playdate, which for us is like a pot of gold at the end of our very long snowed-in, cabin fever of a winter. Don't get me wrong, we see our friends often and get together to play as often as we can-barring any illness, virus, or plague. The difference girls don't usually know about any playdates until it's time to walk out the door. This one coming up though they know about, have made a chart to count down the days, and are planning which green things to wear so they don't get pinched, hence the St. Patrick's Day focus. All of that to say, we had several unseasonably warm days recently so the girls were on the hunt for four leaf clovers in our mostly muddy, terribly lumpy, springing back to life back yard. This is what was found by a very optimistic seven year old. Four leaves? Hmmm.

(f-stop 7.1~exposure time 1/100 sec.~iso 200)

So, things here are going well. School is coming along nicely and I really feel like we have accomplished a lot so far. Miss E is reading...and reading well. Miss O is plowing through second grade like it's old hat. It amazes me how much their minds are like sponges. I mean, really. I'm a teacher for crying out loud, I know kids can do way more than we ever give them credit for, but sheesh! Also, we have started receiving our postcards from the swap so the study of our great United States has begun. This swap will take us through the summer and well into the next school year. Some great things I expect to gain from this swap (for me and my girls) are: a greater appreciation for each state, some serious geography skills, an increased love of maps and map-making, and a massive list of must-visit places.

Also, we planted some seeds last week. We've got a variety of peppers, eggplant, and some flowers started in our little indoor greenhouse. I'm really trying to get a jump start this year so I don't have to wait so long to get some fresh veggies. We've got other seeds that have to be planted directly outside so we'll have to wait a few more weeks before we tackle those.

It's overcast and cooler these days but I know the warm days are coming back soon! happy monday! xoANG

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