Monday, March 8, 2010

macro monday::blooming edition

For the second day in a row it has been about 60 degrees! Oh, the sun, the wonderful, warm sun! Our time playing outside has increased dramatically. There has been a lot of garden planning and sun watching to determine the best places for additional yard-to-garden spots. All the while my tulips are growing, the lavender is thriving, and well, lookee here...the Dutch Irises have bloomed.
(f-stop 7.1~exposure time 1/200 sec.~iso 200)
The colors are so beautiful and vibrant. The purple so rich, the yellow so cheerful. And today I saw my first honey bee. She was happily buzzing from bloom to bloom collecting her first harvest of the season. I think it's going to be a good one, this growing season of ours. I am excited. I am motivated. I am determined. And although I do not look forward to the return of mosquitoes and gnats, I have purposed in my heart to be positive about the bees. After all that reading and studying and learning about bees that we did in the fall I appreciate them more now. I really do. (yes Mama, we will eventually have a hive of our very own...go ahead call me crazy) That doesn't mean that on occasion I still won't run away and scream like a girl...I will, I can pretty much guarantee that, but hopefully those occasions will be few and far between (and not in front of the neighbors). Besides, I want my girls to be brave. Smart and cautious...but brave. Now I must go. The sunshine awaits.
Happy Monday xoANG

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Anonymous said...

Ang the dutch iris are beautiful!! first flower i have seen this spring!! Bees? on purpose?? Love Big G