Saturday, March 6, 2010

return of the rat

The other day while I was doing a little after school tutoring and the girls were being watched by Grandma and Pop something went awry. Not something terrible, mind you, but for a very dramatic and sensitive seven-year-old it was definitely something she had to share. Well, here, see for yourself.A broken hair clip. One that she did not break and she wanted to make sure I knew who did break it. So, Pop, you've been ratted out. I do love that she had to write it down immediately so she grabbed a napkin and a pencil ...and also left the evidence for me to see. happy weekend xoANG

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Anonymous said...

I love it!I love it! This is so funny. I am the Gramma and yes Pop did break it. I saw it all. The child is innocent of all wrong doing! I still think Pop should take the napkin to work and explain to his co-workers what he put his little granddaughter through or maybe even better what was he doing with the hair clip? Was he getting a new hair style?
Love y"all, G.S.