Monday, March 29, 2010

macro monday

I am enjoying spring. Aren't you? The warmer weather, the birds singing, the weeds grass growing, the flowers blooming. Now, the flowers that the deer managed to miss as they devoured almost every bud in sight are finally blooming and look beautiful. Here is a macro shot of a grape hyacinth. These flowers are so small and close to the ground. I can only imagine what the neighbors thought as I tried to get up close and personal for this picture...crazy!

(f-stop 7.1~exposure time 1/400sec.~iso 200)
I was shocked that these little guys actually bloomed this year because the green parts grew and flourished in late fall. I guess the warm weather lasted too long and they got confused. To our delight they survived the monstrous amounts of snow that we received and have now decided to bloom and fill the air with a sweet grape smell. Mmmmm. happy monday. xo ANG

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Adrienne said...

Love the new look! I've been thinking about the 'rise' question ... I'm going to test my hypothesis adn get back to you ;-)

Ha ha - my code today was 'maker'