Monday, March 1, 2010

macro monday::thawed out edition

It has been warming up to a balmy 40 degrees for the past few days. The grass, although withered and brown, is finally visible in most of the yard. However, when I went outside today with the girls I noticed my lavender plant..not withered, not at all. In fact she seems to be thriving! She's a hardy little thing and even though I planted her on the edge of the driveway where we just happen to pile most of the snow that we shovel, she is still going strong.
(f-stop 7.1~exposure time 1/400sec.~iso 200)

The light green of the leaves with the soft, white, fuzzy coating is really quite beautiful. And, oh the smell. I wish you could smell it, so soothing and fresh. Just what a girl needs to get ready for spring. My plan, now that we're thawing out a little, is to continue to live in denial that we are probably going to get more snow this week and just enjoy the lovely lavender aroma. xoANG

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