Monday, August 24, 2009

eric carle's muse

The other day I noticed a few little nibbles on my potted tomato plants. The next day I noticed several small green tomatoes missing. Then, I was amazed to see lots of branches gnawed all the way to the main stem and several tomatoes with the unmistakable holes.

Then I saw him. Oh yes, the very hungry caterpillar!

Creepy but beautiful.

Just look at that design. He's going to be a beauty with wings!
I wish I had put my hand in that picture to give it some perspective. He was as long as my index finger but bigger around. I tried to find him later on that day but he was either very good at hiding or he went to munch on the tomato plants in the garden. Thank goodness the growing season is almost over and we already ate our weight in tomatoes. :o) Here's a little video clip of this amazing creature chowing down on my cherry tomato plant. Check out that mouth!

Oh, happy Monday!!! xo ANG


Anonymous said...

Hey, it looks like a luna moth. We rescued one from the road this weekend and he/she has made a cocoon in our shoe box. We can't wait for it to transform!


Anonymous said...

Wow, he looks like one of those old movies! The caterpillar that ate up the world!! One of God's beautiful creatures!! Love Big G

Adrienne said...

That is wild. That thing was huge! Good thing you didn't get your finger close to him ... he might have thought you were offering him desert!