Monday, August 31, 2009

within sight

Here are some pictures that seem to capture daily life here at the Clothesline.
A huge, yet beautiful spider web strategically built on the swing set. I misted it so I could capture it's beauty, but otherwise this picture is SOOC. The girls tried really hard to avoid the swings that day. No, not because they were scared of the spider, but because they didn't want to ruin such a beautiful web. So, Mr. Arachnid, you can thank Charlotte for that. But next time could you leave the girls a message because that would be really cool!
Ah, this lovely shot was taken as the sun was setting. I had gone outside to take the trash out and the orange glow was amazing! I went in to grab my camera and the girls thought I was crazy for wanting to take a picture of the trash. After they saw the shot they understood...I just can't resist the orange. Plus, the jar flies were singing so loudly it was as if they were singing just for me.

Now, does it get any better than this. Miss E was very quiet one morning...very serious about her art. No one was to see her picture until it was done. It was certainly worth the wait, no? Her first family portrait.

Here by the back door I caught my little ones enjoying the sun spot with Shadow, our lovely cat. I enjoy a good sunny day myself, so it's no wonder that my girls and even our cat just can't stay away when it shines in on us.

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So that's just a little peek of what is within sight of the Clothesline.
Happy Wednesday! xo ANG


Adrienne said...

What great pictures! Our cat has taken to sleeping in Henry's closet ... it's where we keep all the extra blankets. He can be found 3 blankets high on any given day ;-)

Zoƫ said...

We have 2 cats just like is wonderful one in your life. I love the family art! Very wonderful.