Tuesday, August 25, 2009

for the love of all things apron-y

Yes. That's right. I made another apron. I couldn't help myself. I had all of that cheery plaid just begging to be used. Plus, I realized that I had some lovely coordinating orange fabric and I just had to make something. So what kind of apron did I make? A clothespin apron, naturally. Here's my sketch.
Oh, yes. Grandiose plans, indeed. In my mind it always seems to work. Cutting and sewing are often another story entirely. My idea did, however, come together nicely, but I reversed it because I wanted the pocket on the right side since I'm right handed. Oh, believe me, having the pocket on the correct side makes a huge difference. Anyway, wanna see it? Well, if you insist! Okay..here it is.

Do you not absolutely love it? Oh the orange just screams cheerfulness doesn't it. I mean, really, who doesn't want some extra cheeriness on laundry day?! So how did I make it? Well, thanks to my pack-ratting middle school math teacher days I have a huge roll of one-inch grid paper. Perfect for making patterns. I just measured and drew the apron design, actual size, on the paper then I cut out each piece and pinned it to the chosen fabric then pieced it together like a quilt. Worked like a charm!

There are only two things that I would do differently. One, I would make the waist band using the plaid on the bias...so much cuter that way. Ya know, like on my Key West Kilt Apron. I'm just saying, if I'm gonna do housework I may as well be cute, right? And two, I'd make the bias tape trim on the pocket differently. It worked great and I actually sewed it on there just perfectly. My mistake was that I didn't cut the strip of fabric on the bias so it didn't want to curve around the pocket easily. It's a little puckered around the outer edge...oh well. At least I learned something new in the process.
Well, all of the laundry has been washed and hung and hopefully it'll be dry soon. I see some afternoon storm clouds rolling in. xo ANG


Adrienne said...

girl - you've gone and done it again - ADORABLE! Almost makes me want to hang my clothes on the line ... almost (I'm too lazy but I knew I could look that cute I just might ;-P )

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah! That is anothr really cute apron, Love it. Big G

duckyhouse said...

very cute indeed.

Regina said...

How cute! It's so cheerful and bright, who wouldn't mind hanging clothes on the line!

Jody said...

Love your apron. I never even thought of making an apron for some other purpose besides the kitchen. Wonderful idea!