Thursday, August 20, 2009

short story with a vintage ending

One sunny afternoon we went for a lovely walk in our neighborhood.

There were many sights to see.

A sidewalk lined with spiderweb-y bushes were cool and creepy.

There was a flag waving in the breeze as we rocked on the front porch with a dear friend.
Then along came Charlie. What a cute and curious little squirrel. Our friend likes to feed Charlie and since we were relaxing on the porch with her Charlie thought it was snack time. Sorry Charlie...we were all out of nuts. But wait, he found one that he missed the day before.

Just look at that smile. He's as happy as a clam! (go ahead, click on that piccture to see it bigger...he is smiling!)We didn't leave empty handed. My girls are seriously spoiled. Our dear friend found this wonderful set of paper dolls that had belonged to her daughter when she was little. Well, her daughter is now a grandmother, so needless to say, these paper dolls are vintage...1974 is the year on the box.

The box is worn out but the paper dolls and all of the outfits are in great shape. Unbelievable! I love them. Just look at those outfits. Check out the mom's clothes...she wears aprons a lot.
So that's my story. I hope you enjoyed it. It's nice to be back here. It's been kind of busy but I have lots to share. xo ANG

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Kim Yeatts said...

I TOTALLY HAD THE SUNSHINE FAMILY DOLLS WHEN I WAS LITTLE....SO DID HEATHER. HOW FUN! They were like barbies, but a real family...not just a busty woman with really long legs and a itty bitty waist. This is great!