Wednesday, August 5, 2009

garden love

First things first. Remember that bizarre, swirly, macro picture from the previous post? Well, there it is in front of my water bottle. It's the exposed part of an oak tree root. Pretty cool, eh?
Now, let me share some garden lovelies with you. I've got a small garden. When I say small -I mean small. But with the help of some great books about organic gardening and gardening in small spaces I crammed a lot of veggies in there and now it's time to enjoy.

Here's a little bit of my goodies growing. I've got some lemon cucumbers...round, yellow, and a little prickly, but good. Also, some 'maters. Yes, even after the deer incident the plants recovered and are thriving. So nanny-nanny-boo-boo Mr. Deer... I get to eat tomatoes anyway! Anyway, here is the spread with our dinner last night.
Vine-ripened, home-grown, and mmmm-mmmm delicious. Lemon Boy and Better Boy. Both are very good producers and hearty. The Lemon Boy has a mild good. The Better Boy has a great taste...perfect for burgers.

And there is more. Crisp and fresh green bell peppers and some sliced lemon cucumbers. As you can see the cucumbers are very seedy...they'd be great pickled, but they have a great taste and with some fresh cherry tomatoes they are divine. Oh, I don't have any pictures of the cherry tomatoes...we ate the ripened ones already before I could grab the camera. But just so you know I have a Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato plant...small, sweet and way more than 100! I also have a Husky Cherry Red Tomato plant...big, great flavor, and lots of tomatoes. One day I'll have more space, more veggies, more garden love. xo ANG
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Anonymous said...

The beauty of God's nature is absolutely stunning, isn't it? The pictures turned out great.
And the garden veggies look great too, thanks to all your hard work and fun with the girls you seem to be enjoying them very much. You could send in the tree root photo to Cooperative living magazine for the "guess what this is" monthly contest and win a prize. Love Big G

Adrienne said...

I am drooling over those tomatoes ... they look so yummy!

The mystery is solved - very cool.

Enjoy your fresh eats!