Sunday, August 2, 2009

library love

Okay, you know me. You know that I love our local public library. You also know that we have the best librarians ever. On many occasions I have shared these things with you, but most of the time the joy of a great find or activity is about my children. Well, this time I found some really great things for me and I just couldn't keep it to myself. First, these great books...both on the "new" books shelf.
The embroidery book was in the children's section. What? It's still for me. Okay, so maybe I'll get started teaching my girls some yarn crafts. It's chocked full of great ideas. This book is so great. It's got a section devoted to all supplies needed, a section for the different stitches that are used in the book (with great illustrations, by the way), and a ton of great ideas. Here are a few ideas that I just love....yep, I'm thinking Christmas gifts.
Now, Eco Craft, published by Lark Books--great stuff there, really caught my eye. I love the idea of creating things-useful things-unique things-beautiful things with stuff I already have or can acquire by thrifting. Oh man, this book has some great ideas. Each project has a list of the tools needed and great directions. Here are a few that I just need to tackle. Really. Seriously.
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Great stuff, right? So, got any bamboo lying around? How about an old suitcase with lots of character?
I also found a great cd at the library, quite by accident. Funny story really. Wanna hear it? Oh good. (humor me okay?) So recently our library, in order to keep undesirable people from loitering out front, has removed all of the outdoor benches and installed some outdoor speakers which play loud music. What kind? ask. Well, jazz, opera, classical. The stuff that drives people away, I guess. It's working, there hasn't been anyone creepy hanging out in front of the library. However, the music makes me want to grab a cup of coffee and a friend and sit and chat. Seriously, it's very coffee house-ish. So each time we go the girls and I absolutely love the music playing so we try to find something in the same genre (I just love that word-genre)that we can enjoy at home. Well, last week it was jazz, something trumpet-y so I found some Wyton Marsalis. The cd was called Classic Wynton --which I like an idiot thought would be some of his earlier work, ya know classic jazz stuff. Boy, was I a wonderfully delightful way. When we got home I put the cd in and expected some great jazz music, but I didn't. It is Wyton Marsails playing his trumpet alright, but he was playing some great classical music. It is a great cd. The girls have their favorites already...the faster ones are good for dancing. Have you been to the library lately? It's got some great stuff. Oh, don't forget to enter my Ecostore USA giveaway!


Knick Knock said...

I love that someone else is already thinking about christmas. My family and friends think I'm slightly mad when I start planning so early. I'm not even that organised, I've just had way too many last minute panics and am trying to 'live and learn'.

Rebekah said...

jazz, opera, classical - the music that drives people away! Cracking me up here :D

We love our library, too!

Anonymous said...
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Adrienne said...

What great finds! Can't wait to see what you come up with. Love that embroidery book.

Regina said...

I LOVE my library too. Lately they have been getting some awesome craft books. That eco-craft one looks great. I'll have to look for that one.