Saturday, February 27, 2010

wanted::skills, mad skills

...and time. and yarn. and maybe some more skills.
Yes, that's what I need to make these gorgeous things. I saw a fabulous crocheted sweater on an American Idol contestant and I went on the hunt for it's pattern or something similar over at Ravelry. I didn't find what I was looking for...I found something better! Three somethings actually. The first is knitting...yikes! But the other two are crochet. Anyhoo, take a looksee.
Juliana by Berroco Design Team
Layering Cardi by Elena Malo published in Crochet Today!/jan/feb2009
China Doll by Doris Chan published in Interweave Crochet/spring 2008

(picture of finished project by Laura Goodman on Ravelry)

After I grabbed these pictures...all from Ravelry, of course...I realized that a pattern had emerged. Lovely colors, no? I am leaning heavily toward the layering cardi. It's so great. That fabulous belt peeking out doesn't hurt the look either. Although the Juliana is quite fabulous. You've got to go check it out and see the other pics. The china doll rekindled my love of Asian inspired clothes. So yes, I'm torn, but still leaning toward the layering cardi. What do you think? happy saturday xoANG

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