Tuesday, April 15, 2008

frost & freeze warning, really???

Okay, people...I am *so* ready for warm weather. Why is it cold again? It's the middle of April already, what's the hold-up? My poor little clothesline is lonely and unadorned right now because I am using the dryer. Yes, you heard me, the dryer. Believe me, it's not by choice.
I did remember, however, to bring in our sprouting sunflowers last night so they are soaking in the sun through the kitchen window. I hope this is the last cold weather because the girls are ready to plant the sunflowers outside. We can't wait to see how big they get. Miss E got to choose the seeds and she chose Mammoth Russian Sunflowers. I'm not trying to be funny, they are called Mammoth...they should reach 8 - 12 feet when fully grown. She's got a *big* personality, so these are just the right flowers for her. Believe me, we will have fun measuring their growth as the spring and summer weeks go by. We've also started some seeds that we had leftover from last summer called Evening Sun Sunflowers. They are so pretty on the seed packet, so I sure hope they survive this year. They should only reach a measly 6 feet when fully grown.
Would you like to see the beginnings of our sunflowers? Maybe it will help you to think warm thoughts.

Don't put that warm blanket away yet, it's supposed to be in the 20's tonight...brrrr
Just so you know, I am thankful that the sun is shining. We were getting tired of the dark,rainy days. At least when the sun is shining we can *pretend* that it's warm outside. *think warm*think warm*think warm*

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Anonymous said...

Oh my!! Freezing weather in April. It use to be like this at Easter time when I was growing up. Mama would get us pretty ruffly dresses and hats to match (and to match Betsy) for church on Easter and we would have to wear our winter coats over them.

I am looking forward to warm days too. Mama