Friday, April 25, 2008

perfectly pretty pictographs

Thanks again to everyone who told us your favorite fruit, whether through email or comments on the blog. Miss O was excited to see each and every response. Before we made our pictograph about favorite fruits we made one about families. (Thanks Heather for that idea!) Miss O chose the families and told me how many children were in each one. I wrote the names and amounts so she could use that info to create the graph. I found a cute baby graphic to represent each child in each family. Doing this really helped her grasp the concept...and it was fun!

Putting it together...the finished product!'s what you've been waiting for.

The Favorite Fruits Pictograph

Step One: gather all data and materials needed

Step Two: use data to create perfectly pretty pictograph

Step Three: admire beautiful creation...using stickers makes it even more fun!

Step Four: application skills - use graph information to answer questions

We're now ready to enjoy the weekend and we hope you do, too. Please leave a comment so we can see how many people checked out our perfectly pretty pictographs. I'm sure we'll be making more soon because it was *so* fun!


Anonymous said...

very fun!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! Looks like you had fun! Big G