Wednesday, April 23, 2008

library fun

Well, we went to the library today for storytime. It is something that we look forward to each week. As I mentioned before, we really do have the best children's librarians in the world. Right before we walked out the door though, my dear friend Theresa called and asked us to meet her and her four little ones at the neighborhood park after storytime. Oh, what a great time we had. FYI:Play dates are just as important and fun for the mom as they are for the kids. We haven't been able to play with these friends since before Christmas. I know, it's so crazy! If my kids were sick, hers were healthy, and if mine were healthy, hers were sick. And so it went week after week. Finally, a nice warm day and six healthy kids between us...I just wish I had taken my camera. I need to just keep it with me all the time. I'll need a bigger cute purse...oohhh, shopping time---or maybe a smaller camera....hmmmm. Decisions Decisions.

Anyway, back to the library stuff. Sometimes I do things that are a little crazy, I know it's hard to imagine, but it's in the genes. I usually have a pretty good *and* logical reason for my craziness, so it's okay. Let me explain...every time we go to the library and get a whole new mountain of books I always lay them out and spray them, front and back, with Lysol. Yes, to kill the germs. I love our library, but they can't control how many snot-faced, germ-spewing kids come in and touch, cough on, and sneeze on the books. So before the girls can curl up with a pile of new books I spray them. Here's what it looks like.
Go ahead, call me crazy. No really, go ahead, I don't mind, I can't hear you through the blog page. Okay so my logic is...kill the germs now and avoid the next cold, virus, flu, etc. I think it works pretty good...and besides it can't hurt, right?

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