Friday, April 25, 2008

say hello to my little friends

What a wonderful, warm day we had yesterday. It was laundry day, and as you know by now, when it's warm and sunny I really enjoy laundry day. It's the whole clothesline thing...go ahead call me crazy. Anyway, since we were outside for most of the day we found our first caterpillars!Yippee! Aren't they cute? Miss O named hers Princess, Miss E named hers Fluffy. They had such fun with the caterpillars. Thankfully we have a bug jar to keep them in and as the day progressed they found I think we have 7 or 8 now. Miss O thought they might want to have fun instead of just sitting in the bug jar, so she made a caterpillar playground out of sticks for them. They seemed to enjoy it :o)
There will be more to come. We'll be working on our pictographs today. Thanks to all who told us your favorite fruits. We have lots of data to work with. So now I'm off to have more fun with graphing! It's not just the math teacher in me that thinks graphing is fun. Really! You should try it again...I mean really, when was the last time you made a graph? Go ahead, choose a topic, collect some data, then create your graph. It'll be fun!

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Anonymous said...

Caterpillars?? Hope you don''t smash them like the kids in my class! Yes they do, every time we see them on the sidewalk. Yes I fuss at them but they don't listen.
If there is a butterfly shortage you will know why. Big G