Wednesday, April 16, 2008

some girls *want* big lips

As you all know, Miss E is allergic to peanuts. No, she hasn't actually been tested at the doctor's office, but one trip to the ER is enough for me to know. Since last summer's scary allergic reaction there hasn't been one peanut-y substance within a hundred feet of my house. All has been going well. No more hives, no more swelled, red lips, no more scares. I am so thankful for her continued good health. It is not always pleasant to be the "crazy lady" reading every single ingredient on the label of almost every single item placed in the grocery basket, but it is a small price to pay for the health and safety of my girls.
All of that to say, I had a great coupon for a new marinade that is Mexican chili & lime (which is one of my favorite flavors on tortilla chips thanks to Archer Farms at Target). Oh, so yummy. Anyway, I got the super yummy marinade to make a new chicken dish. Everyone liked it, yes, even Miss O. Half way through the meal though Miss E's lips started to get red and swell. Just the sight of her big lips makes my stomach hurt. I immediately read and reread the label. Nothing questionable; I gave her some Benadryl anyway, just in case. She's fine. No more big lips. Benadryl-don't be home or leave home without it. I am guessing that the chili powder in the marinade may have caused it since she is a lip-licker while she's eating.
Just a day in our life!

"footprints at the beach" and "flowery meadow"


Anonymous said...

I never go any where without Benydryl either since I had the break out with "spontaneous hives" at the farm!! Did I tell you about that?? Good grief!!

I am glad Miss E is doing ok... Love You all, Big G

Zoƫ said...

That is so scary! I am glad she is ok. I know how you feel. We had my son tested very early and I might see if you can MAKE your doc do some tests. If not ask them for an epi-pen. I never leave home without that!

Sometimes those boxs do not tell you that they may have been made with the same machines as something with peanuts in them. There where a couple of things that my son just can not have and they look fine. There is also a coffee shop here that we never go to anymore, because he always brakes out in a rash when we go.

Sorry to write a book, but I have been there and wanted to help.(hope it was helpful and to wordy;)

~ANG said...

Zoe, thanks for your input. I did put my foot down about having an epi-pen before leaving the ER. Even the ER doc didn't think it was necessary, but there is a history of allergies in the family, so I knew I had to have one. And yes, I never leave home without it (or Benadryl).