Wednesday, April 23, 2008

we've been busy

We had a play date yesterday. What fun! Since it was raining *again* we stayed inside to play. We did a spring flower craft so we would remember to be thankful for the rain, ya know...April showers bring May flowers. Okay, so I was the one that needed to remember to be thankful for the rain. Rainy days make for long days sometimes, but we had lots of fun.
Between the days of rain we had some really nice warm days to play outside. Bubbles are so fun. If you haven't purchased any bubbles in a while, you should, it really is fun. Thanks Aunt Mel :o) It's just the beginning of bubble fun for us this season, but Miss O is mastering her skills in bubble blowing.

Miss O: Hey mom, I've been practicing. Now I'm a Bubble Master!

me: Great! but, what's a Bubble Master?

Miss O: It's like being a Jedi Master, but with bubbles. I'm like Yoda, but instead of having a light sabre I have a bubble wand.

Welcome to my world! May the force be with you!

Oh, and speaking of Star Wars, if you get a letter from me with a big Yoda stamp on it...let me explain. I took the girls with me to the post office to buy more stamps and, low and behold, there are Star Wars stamps! Who knew? My girls were so excited to see Yoda stamps that I had to get them, but I don't think the post office lady had ever seen such excitement over stamps before. Hopefully, we brightened her day. Who doesn't love Yoda, right? Or as Yoda would say "Who loves Yoda not? Yes, hmmm.

Alright, I confess, I am not the coolest person in the world. Surprised? Not really, huh? I do enjoy some good ol' Yoda and the girls (and I) enjoy trying to figure out how Yoda would say things since he seems to say everything rearranged. Well, I just found a website to make my life easier when it comes to translating things into Yoda language. It's called YodaSpeak. You should go there and try's fun! Really it is...go ahead, I won't tell anyone.

Going to the library, today we are. Yessssss.


kerri said...

Oh you had me giggling. How cute she is! Yoda with a bubble wand. lol

Gotta go check out YodaSpeak now. ok, maybe I'm a little not cool, but you can't judge me. hehe

Zoƫ said...

OK I am not a Yoda groupie, but I will be checking that out. Sounds like fun;)

And thanks for the cool links over the last couple of days, they are great.

Anonymous said...

When we were at Disney I saw this grown man with a Yoda backpack. It was really cool. It looked like Yoda was riding his back--piggy-back-style. I laughed each time I saw him.
Kim Y

~ANG said...

Kim, that's hillarious! The girls would love that. In the movie, that's how Yoda trained Luke Skywalker to be a Jedi, by riding on his back! I totally need to look for that.

Anonymous said...

Just google "images" Yoda backpack...and you can see pictures. It looks like there are at least two different types. One is so more "life-like". It really is so cute! I tried to copy and paste one here for you, but couldn't get it to work. Talk to you later...Kim