Monday, May 11, 2009

beach thoughts and giveaway updates

  • I am loving how E says "she shells", "bathing soups", and "sun scream" so cute, every time
  • With a little fear O approaches the water's edge, the waves break and roll across the sand just reaching her toes then the fear is replaced with excitement and wonder.
  • There have been many dolphins frolicking in the close breaking's really amazing to watch them. Jellyfish are amazing, too, but slimy and gross :o)
  • We went to Brook Green Gardens today...beautiful, amazing, awe inspiring. I can hardly wait to share some pictures with you.
  • oh, the sun, the salty air, the sand....I do love the beach, really I do.
On a non-beach note: Adrienne received the flowers she won from my giveaway. You can see them here. If only you could smell them.
Also, I entered a giveaway at a blog I found called Hazelnuts. It's a great read. Jacqui is an archaeologist with a PhD in New Zealand and she's super right? Anyway, I won her giveaway. What did I win? Oh, a Japanese sewing book. Go here to see some pictures from the book. I am so excited!
That's all I've got for now. I promise to share pictures when we get back!


Adrienne said...

I'm breathing in the fresh salty air right now ... ok - well the local air ;-) I love the beach too. It's so relaxing.

I cannot wait to see that book! Very cool. Very, very cool.

Anonymous said...

SOO envious over here!! :)

My Bailey says, "Bathing Soups" too. It's too cute not to correct. ;)