Tuesday, May 19, 2009

days on the beach

Dolphins at play...
okay it was probably feeding time, but playing is the rated E for Everyone explanation. There were so many dophins out there...too many to count. They are such beautiful animals. What a sight to see!
It was quite cloudy most mornings at the beach, but thankfully there were a few beautiful sunrises to enjoy. On those clear, sunny mornings I went for an early run before everyone else was awake and I got to enjoy seeing the sun rise. (Shocking I know, but I did get up and run...those stinkin' birds were so loud I was awake anyway, so why not run?)Of course, that meant that I didn't get to capture the most beautiful shots on film my camera. It's kinda hard to run and take pictures...ha, have you seen the movie Yes Man? Maybe I should have given jogging photography a try :o) Anyway, these are the images I captured when I got back inside...not too shabby, eh?

Okay, these shots are just because I can't stop taking pictures. They never turn out as beautiful as it is in real life, but the sparkling water...love that I captured that...and the fog rolling over the beach...loving that too.

Okay, that's 12 pictures...only 415 to go! hehe! Now if only you could feel that warm breeze and smell the salty air....aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

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Zoƫ said...

Oh my goodness I MISS THE BEACH. Thank you for a little bit of it.