Monday, May 25, 2009

day trips at the beach

While we were in South Carolina at Myrtle Beach we decided to take a drive to Brookgreen Gardens. Tim and I went there while on our honeymoon almost 15 years ago and we hadn't been back since. Let me just say, if you are ever near Brookgreen Gardens you need to go there, with your camera, and some lunch, and be prepared to spend all day. There is so much to see...with two small kids it made for a long day, but with free stroller usage and lots of shady places they did a great job. There were so many sculptures and flowers and fountains to see. There's an aviary to walk through and a small lowcountry zoo. There is also a children's sculpture garden and a children's discovery room, and so much more. Too much to even explain. So, to start off this series of Brookgreen Gardens posts, here is a sampling of the beautiful flowers and trees that were in bloom.
Can I just say, I love Spanish moss.
That fabulous purple flower is a passion fruit flower. They also grow in Virginia. Tim and I saw one for the first time while we were walking along the river a few years ago.
After seeing the pink water lilies and their reflections I could see why Monet chose to capture such a beautiful sight on canvas. If only I had that talent.

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